Where Are Good Apartments to Live in Tampa For Recent College Graduates?

Where Are Good Apartments to Live in Tampa For Recent College Graduates?

If you’re a recent college graduate, there are several good neighborhoods in Tampa. These include Westchase, Davis Islands, Arbor Greene, and Cory Lake Isles. Each area offers unique living styles, with amenities that cater to various tastes.

Davis Islands

If you’re out of college and want to spend less on rent, look at apartments on the Davis Islands. The community is family-friendly and close to downtown Tampa. There are also many nearby parks and activities.

The Treasure Island area is close to downtown Tampa but far enough from it not to have issues with flooding. Its main street is a good mix of stores and restaurants. The only downside to Treasure Island is that it’s a one-way street so it can be flooded in heavy rain. There’s also a risk of damage to your property during hurricanes. There are several road closures throughout the year.

Downtown Tampa is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Tampa. While you won’t find many young people living here, it’s a great place to raise a family. The neighborhood has many public transportation options, including the Downtowner, a free ride service. In addition to a great location, downtown Tampa is a hotbed of job opportunities.


Whether you are fresh out of college or relocating to the area, there are plenty of places to live in Tampa for recent graduates. Many of these communities have excellent schools and are located near the university. In addition, many of these neighborhoods have affordable prices and easy access to shopping and dining.

Westchase has a median household income of $91,634. Top employers in Westchase include the University of South Florida, Bloomin’ Brands, Inc., and the Tampa General Hospital. However, despite this city’s burgeoning business scene, Westchase is a predominantly residential neighborhood. Commute times to downtown Tampa are often 30 minutes or less.

The area is home to 2 major malls. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars. While this neighborhood isn’t as popular with college students as other Tampa neighborhoods, it is home to young people just out of college. The area is also close to downtown and offers lower prices than other areas.

Westchase is home to a vibrant town center and many retail and restaurant options. You can find everything from Publix supermarkets to UPS stores. There is also a dentist’s office and nail salon. Additionally, Westchase is close to two major universities: the University of Florida College.

For those looking for an affordable home in Tampa, there are some great neighborhoods to choose from. The Tampa Museum of Art and the Tampa Theatre host live musical performances. Fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning can watch their games at the Amalie Arena. There is GenX Tavern for the ’80s and ’90s-themed food and Harpoon Harry’s Crab House for fresh seafood.

Cory Lake Isles

The median real estate price in Cory Lake Isles is $698,702, higher than 76.8% of the nation’s neighborhoods. However, the average monthly rent here is lower than in 41.7% of other areas in the United States. If you’re graduating from college or just starting your career, Cory Lake Isles are suitable apartments to live in Tampa for people just starting.

There are many people from different nationalities and backgrounds in Cory Lake Isles. Most residents are South American, but others are Italian, Puerto Rican, and Arab. Additionally, thirty-eight percent of the residents speak a language other than English at home.

Cory Lake Isles has a very walkable community. Many of its residents work in the creative, technological, and professional economy. Others work in small beauty salons. The overall employment rate here is higher than the national average.

Arbor Greene

Arbor Greene is a Tampa, Florida, suburb with a population of around 3,095. It is one of the best places to live in Florida and has a suburban feel, which many people find attractive. The neighborhood is a good choice for people just out of college or a new family, as it offers a quiet atmosphere. The residents are liberal, and the public schools are good.

This neighborhood is close to many major employers and attractions, making it an excellent choice for young professionals and college students. An area is also a great place for dog lovers, as it is near parks, restaurants, and waterfront access. It’s a great place to rent an apartment with plenty of outdoor activities.

If you are looking for more affordable housing, look in the Harbour Island area, just across the water from downtown Tampa. This area offers family-friendly apartments with waterfront views. You’ll find that housing prices here range from 520k to 630k, so it’s a good choice for those who want to spend less.

The price of an apartment in Tampa is very competitive compared to the national average. The Tampa rental market has experienced an upward trend in the past year, but the price of one-bedroom apartments is much lower than in many major cities, including San Francisco and Los Angeles. Tampa is also priced similarly to neighboring Midwest cities.

If you’re new to the area, consider exploring the best neighborhoods in Tampa before committing to an apartment. Tampa has a wide variety of settings, and finding the best one will give you the most value for your money.

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